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Barcelona paving - Gaudi
Entrance to a dazzling view on city and sea (BCN)
Palm tree parasol with parrot under an amazing blue sky (BCN)
Mosaic detail of birth in Park Guell (BCN)
The silk floss tree - Chorisia speciosa
Columbus on a clear dark sky
Human tower (Castell)
Magical mosaic ceiling in Park Guell (BCN)
Cross on a blue sky
Mysterious staircase in park the Monjuic
Eternal trail of man's best friends
Screaming coconut
Vegetable market - la boqueria
Mosaic creature
New revealed sculpture Jesus of Nazareth on Sagrada Familia (BCN)
Funeral at the church
Watch ur head!Train passing through!

"Watch your head! Train passing through!"

Balloon street art
Secret view on the city
Booted bench
Motor convention at placa d'Espanya
Parrot in a palm tree
Placa d'Espanya
Time is going by..
Cat mosaic
Old church
Fruit market
Flower wall
"Scarfs for sale"
Pigeons or painting?
Mandarine tree on the inside court
Gaudi's visions
Blue mosaic
Sweet sins
La Boqueria
Colourfull mosaic sun
La nit dels museus
The Lime house
It's a long way to the church
Royal garden
Bells in front of the triumph arc
Palm trees in the park
Biblioteca publica Arus
La Sagrada Familia
Casa Batlló
Parallel streets of Barcelona leading to the sea
View on the city
Cactus growing on cactus
mysterious street musicians in Gothic Quarter
Statue on the Ramblas
Place d'Espanya by night
Tunnel or wave?
"Show me the light"
Gaudi's famous lizard
Palm tree in Park Güell
On top of the mosaic
Monjuic park
"Cave canem"
Mosaic flow of Gaudi
"Don't turn your back on me!"
Blossoms in the park
Streets of the Catalan captital
Guardians of the Gothic Quarter
Benches in a corner
Tower on Barcelonetta beach
Cathedral top (La Seu) in the Gothic Quarter
Columbus on the wall
Sandcastle on the beach of Barcelona
Clouds on top of Barcelona
Sitting statue inside of court
Mediterranean building with tower
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