Wooden statue on a window

Light falling into a dark cellar through a small window of hope

Look up on the dazzling ceiling of Sint-Pieters abbey

Top view on Luik Station

Light at the end of the flashy tunnel

Tunnel rope bridge - Pairi Daiza

Boat tour on the Leie by sunset

Autumn colour composition

Old bikes (Durbuy)

Star window in Antwerp Central Station

Dirty laundry - Pairi Daiza

Wooden box stuck in firewood-Durbuy

Reflections at a buttery's window

Old elephant statue - Pairi Daiza

Old vs. New

What a dog loves the most

Colourfull road

Lady in the blue

Hidden behind the leafs

Clock Antwerp Central Station


Never ending stairs

Hand on the door (Durbuy)

Close-up cherry blossom tree in the Muinkpark

Village road in Ardennes

Chinese lampions at the ceiling

Skyline of Luik at sunset

Well on the inside court of Sint-Pieters abbey

Old clock (Durbuy)

Just another love story - Ardennen

Decoration at pirate bar 'Tortuga' in Durbuy

Stone-printed spider - Pairi Daiza

Chinese teahouse - Pairi Daiza

Jewisch tracks in Antwerp Central Station

Ruins in the abbey garden (Ghent)

Durbuy castle (Durbuy)

Chinese fisherboats in the water

Hidden library in underground parking

Duivelssteen (Ghent)

Blue rock - Pairi Daiza

The ivy door (Durbuy)

Close-up on flower in the garden of University

Cactus close-up, watch your fingers!

View of Sint-Pieters church through the apple blossoms

Gravensteen castle in Ghent just before sunset

Diversity in the garden of Ghent University

Magical court of Sint-Pieters abbey

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