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Tree in the empty area, behind a handmade limestone wall, Clare (Irelan
Overview of the cliffs and Atlantic Ocean, Cliffs of Moher (Ireland)
Hag's Head, woman's head looking out to Ocean, Liscannor (Ireland)
Cliffs of Moher, Clare (Ireland)
Poulnabrone dolmen, the Hole of Sorrows with apocalyptic sky, Clare (Ir
Buoy on Ellis Quay, Dublin (Ireland)
Ancient fossils at Burren national park (Ireland)
Cross-shaped crack in limestone at sunrise, Doolin (Ireland)
Horses of Lahinch (Ireland)
Rocks in the Atlantic Ocean, Liscannor (Ireland)
Bookshop sign in Dublin (Ireland)
Deserted home by sunset, Inishmore - Aran Islands (Ireland)
What lies ahead...
Silhouette of Moher Tower on Hag's Head, Liscannor (Ireland)
Meteor-alike limestone rocks in Fanore's dunes, Clare (Ireland)
Moher Tower ruins on Hag's Head, Liscannor (Ireland)
Stack of stones on Inishmore - Aran Islands (Ireland)
"Room with a view" tent on the Cliffs of Moher (Ireland)
Grazing donkey in the Irish field, Doolin (Ireland)
Seaside path on the Cliffs of Moher (Ireland)
View of "Wormhole" cliffs of Inishmore - Aran Islands (Ireland)
King of the hill, Mullaghmore mountain – Burren national park (Ireland)
Sunrise at the handmade limestone walls in Doolin (Ireland)
Rock in the ocean, film location Harry Potter and the half-blood prince
Eyes watching over the streets of Dublin (Ireland)
Overal view of Cliffs of Moher (Ireland)
Ocean tunnel, Cliffs of Moher (Ireland)
Paradise of Inishmore - Aran Islands (Ireland)
Fossils of sea anemones at Burren national park (Ireland)
"I can always count on you, my friend", Doolin (Ireland)
Doonagore Castle, Doolin (Ireland)
Blue lagoon with fisherboat, on Inishmaan - Aran Islands (Ireland)
Hidden beach at the end of the Cliffs of Moher (Ireland)
Face-shaped-rock from profile, view from Dún Aonghasa, the ringfort of
Sunset on Dún Aonghasa, the ringfort of Inishmore - Aran Islands (Irela
Topview of Mullaghmore mountain – Burren national park (Ireland)
Guards of the scary road, Inishmore - Aran Islands (Ireland)
Turn around the ruins by sunset, Inishmore - Aran Islands (Ireland)
Seal colony reservat at Inishmore, Aran Islands (Ireland)
Sunset in the forest, Clare (Ireland)
Irish purple wild flowers, Burren area (Ireland)
Irish Wild Marsh Orchids, Clare (Ireland)
Donkeys sniffing fresh leafs, Clare (Ireland)
Fanore ocean view from limestone rocks, Ireland
Irish weather on the beach, Fanore (Ireland)
Interested donkey, Clare (Ireland)
Impresive limestone rock, Fanore (Ireland)
Limestone rocks in the dunes, Fanore (Ireland)
Electric wires in the middle of nowhere in the Burren area (Ireland)
Saint Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin
Carefull, turn ahead - Clare (Ireland)
Danger bull at large, Clare (Ireland)
House by the Ocean on Inishmore, Aran Islands (Ireland)
Swamps in front of  Mullaghmoore mountain at Burren national park (Irel
Daylight in the Trinity College Dublin (Ireland)
Lighthouse on Blackhead, Wild Atlantic Way - Clare (Ireland)
Hard way to Mullaghmoore mountain at Burren national park (Ireland)
Ivy (Hedera helix) between limestone rocks, Clare (Ireland)
Entrance to the ringfort on the Burren way, Clare (Ireland)
Limestone wall before storm in the Burren National Park (Ireland)
On the way to Blackhead, Clare (Ireland)
Lonely meditating girl versus the Atlantic ocean
On top of the cliffs at the start of the Wild Atlantic Way, Clare (Irel
Five in a row, Liscannor (Ireland)
Way to the fortress of Inishmore, Aran Islands (Ireland)
Old books at library, Trinity College Dublin (Ireland)
Path to the Atlantic Ocean in the foggy bay, Clare (Ireland)
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